The Astram Line – Hiroshima

The Astram Line is an automated guideway transit line in the big town of Hiroshima (1.2 million inhabitants). Operational since August 8th 1994, it includes 22 stations (3 underground and the rest above) and stretches over 18.4km. Originally opened to manage the tourists for the Asian games held in Hiroshima, it has now become one of the most popular transportation methods linking some of the most popular spots for tourists.

Metro in Hiroshima

Hiroshima’s Astram Line is a rubbertiered system that connects Hiroshima city-center with its outskirts passing via residential towns.

Astram Line and Stations

This single line system has amongst its 22 stations many popular stops for tourists (and is great for sight seeing) such as the Hondori station that is close to the Hiroshima peace memorial and its Park. The ruin is a world heritage site and a memorial for the people who were killed during the atomic bomb. The Johiku and the Kencho station next to the Hiroshima Castle, a national treasure, in the center of Hiroshima.

Fancy a stop by Hiroshima’s Zoological Park you’ll see giraffes, African elephants, pandas, tigers and many other animals. Kamiyacho station is right next door. Chokaku station permits an easy access to Hiroshima City transport Museum, where you can find interesting exhibits, interactive models, and even test crazy bicycles.
And of course the terminal Kaki-KoenMae steps away from Big Arch stadium. The stadium hosted most of the game’s in 1994 and is today is the home ground for the Japanese professional football league Team “Sanfrecce”.

List of stations

Hondori, Kencho-mae, Johoku, Shin-Hakushima, Hakushima, Ushita, Fudoin-mae, Gion-shinbashikita, Nishihara, Nakasuji, Furuichi, Omachi, Bishamondai, Yasuhigashi, Kamiyasu, Takatori, Chorakuji, Tomo, Obara, Tomo-chuo, Ozuka, Koiki-koen-mae

Astram Line time schedule and frequency

The line operate every day from 6:00 am until 00:00 am midnight. The minimum headway is 2 min and 30 secs.

Fares and tickets

You can buy your ticket at a vending machine and then pass it at the gate, as simple as that. There are two types of tickets on sale “normal” and “regular” fare. There are special prices for children under 10 and also for groups.

There´s also a 1-Day Ticket that lets you ride the Astram Line unlimited. The price is 900 yen for adults, 450 yen for children. It’s available for sale at every station.

Expansions & connections:

On March 14th, 2015 the Shin-Hakushima station was added connecting the Astram line with the JR Lines. And a future expansion west in been planned. The Astram line is very practical for tourists and getting round, linked to many bus systems (Hiroden bus; Hiroshima bus; Geiyo bus; Hiroshimao Kotsu and Chugoku JR bus). But the line is also connected to other railway organizations (Hiroshima Electric Railway and West Japan Railway Company).

Interesting facts:

The lowest station on the Astram line in 11.4m underground! It is the Hondōri Station. And you’re sure not to miss the train, because on arrival music is played and the train honks when it comes to a stop.


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