Dortmund Metro: General Information

Known as Stadtbahn, Dortmund city features an intergrated metro system (rapid transit subway- Stadtbahn) supplimented by tram, S-Bahn train and U-Bahn underground. In total the entire network sum 83 stations and 8 lines, of wich 37 stations and 3 lines are subterranean. The overall plan for the construction of the Rhein-Ruhr Stadtbahn designed in the early seventies planned three routes for the city f Dortmund, wich are already completed. It was inaugurated on May, 1976, with a 4.1 km tram section from Kirchderne to Grevel station.

The first is a route from northwest to southeast, and the second route goes from northeast to southwest. Both lines are connected directly in the Westfalenhallen station, where the U46 line trains continue as U45 to Hauptbanhof and backwards.The third route was projected like a east-west tunnel wich became operational in 2008, but service is provided by low-floor tram

Dortmund Metro Lines

Currently there are eight lines with a total of eighty three stations.

  • Line U41: going from Clarenberg station to Brambauer station.
  • Line U42: going from Grevel station to Grotenbachstraße station.
  • Línea U43: going from Dorstfeld station to Wickede Bf
  • Línea U44: going from Marten station to Westfalenhütte station.
  • Línea U45: going from Westfalenhallen station to Hauptbahnhof
  • Línea U46: going from Westfalenhallen station to Brunnenstraße station.
  • Línea U47: going fromWesterfilde station to Aplerbeck station.
  • Línea U48: going from Hacheney station to Hauptbahnhof station
  • Hauptbahnhof station is the long distance trains central station, and also metro, trams and commuter trains pass by. It is the center of the city of Dortmund.

Metro Opening Hours:

The metro runs from 03.30-04.30 a.m to 00.45 a.m

Frequency of service

Every 10 minutes during the day and between 15 to 20 minutes by night. (Note: in line U42 only run every 20 minutes)

Fares and Tickets

Dortmund is part of the VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr) integrated tariff that also includes other cities like Düsseldorf, Essen or Bochum. The rates depend on the number of zones in wich we move, A zone is for Dortmund city area. In some cases, (monthly passes) price will depend on the hour in wich we will use the pass. Some prices:

Single Metro Ticket: 1,75€

4 Tickets pass: 5,60€

1 Day Pass: 6,35€

1 Week Pass; 14,70€

Monthly Pass; called Ticket 1000 is a non transferible monthly pass valid for two adults and a maximun of three children in the nights and during weekends.This Pass is cheaper if it is going to be used out of the Peak hour, (after 09.00 a.m). Price is 44,70€ and 32,25€ after 09.00 a.m.

Monthly Transferible Pass: called Ticket 2000, this pass is transferible and allows the transportation of a bicycle. With the same caracteristiques in all the refered to the families than the Ticket 1000. Price is 49,30€ and 35,40€ for use out of the peak hour.

Liniennetz Stadtbahn Dortmund


Dortmund airport is only 13 kms away from the city center.There is an hourly express bus service that ends in the "Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof" just in front of the Dortmund central Station (Hauptbahnhof )

It takes 25 minutes and it is the fastest way to reach the center.


Adults: 6.50 €

Children from 6 to 14 years: 2€

Children younger than 6 years travel for free.

The first express bus departs from Dortmund bus station at 04.30 a.m and the last departs at 22.00 hours. Airport is also reachable taking the rail line Dortmund vía Aplerbeck, it takes around 45 minutes.

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