Kuala Lumpur Metro

Kuala Lumpur metro lines are classified into different categories: the light rail transit, the commuter rails and the monorail. Although they call the metro "light rail" metro network is fully independent. So on, we will describe the two "light rail-metro" lines and the mono rail line. The three lines are operated by two different companies, Rapid KL and KL Monorail.

Kula Lumpur Metro Lines

Currently there are three lines:

  • LRT 1 AMPANG LINE, formerly known as STAR (Transit System Aliran Ringan). It is an elevated metro system.Construction began in 1993 and was developed in the following stages:
    • Dec 1996 stretch Sultan Ismail – Ampang (12 km)
    • July 1998 stretch Chan Sow Lin – Sri Petaling (southern branch)
    • Dec 1998 the northern branch to Sentul Timur

    The total lenght os this line is 27 kms, with 25 stations, 17 at the street level and y 8 elevated. Of this 27 kms, a total of 17.6 kms of track are without level crossings and 9.4kms of tracks are elevated between Sultan Ismail and Rakyat square.
    Trains can run at a maximun of 70 kms per hour although the average speed is 35 kms per hour. All the cars have air conditioning and in its first year of operations, 1999 transported 26 millions travellers.Operated by RAPID KL.

  • LRT 2 KELANA LINE; it is a 29 kms line with 23 stations. It is mostly an elevated metro, with a 4.4 kms underground section between  Masjid Jamek y Ampang Park.

    It was developed in the following stages:

    • Sept 1998 stretch Kelana-Jaya – Pasar Seni (14.1 km)
    • June  1999 stretch Pasar Seni – Terminal Putra (now called Gombak) (14.9 km)
    • April 2001 oppened KL Sentral station.
    • Dec 2010 it was added Sri Rampai station.
    • Operated since 2004 by RAPID KL, is one of the longest driverless metro systems in the world and has got a fleet of 35 air conditioned cars transporting around 35 million passengers per year.All stations are accesible for wheelchairs and have toilets and screen doors in the platforms in all the underground stations. Information is also given in english.

    It is an elevated monorail line wich began its construction in 1997. The initial section of the line by the north is 8.6 kms long with 11 stations, from Titiwangsa – KL Sentral.
    Driver trains run every 2-5 minutes at peak hour. The stations are built 10 metres above the ground and distance between stations vary from 600 to 1000 metres. Link with the existing LRT lines and it is operated by KL Monorail.

Kuala Lumpur Public Transport

Metro Opening Hours:

The metro starts at 06.00 a.m and the last one will depend on the line. Generally between 23.30 y las 24.00. To make consultations per line check here: http://www.myrapid.com.my/rail/operating-hours.
Note: On holidays the last train leaves 30 minutes earlier and frequency of the trains is smaller.

Frequency Step

It varies from a line to another, depending on the day of the week, if it is rush hour, normal hour or night time. F.e; for the Kelana Jaya line it varies from 4 minutes in peak hour to 6 minutes in normal hours, and every 14 minutes from 22.00 hours till the closing. On Fridays and Saturdays there are more hours considered peak hours so frequency is bigger. Holidays frequency is smaller.

Tickets and Fares

Single Metro Ticket:

It works with tokens that can be purchased in the vending machines located at LRT and Monorail stations. Válids for a single trip only in the Ampang, Kelana. and monorrail lines. They have to be used the same day of the purchase.

My Rapid Card

There is a rechargeable card called MY RAPID CARD that allows holders the access to the trains without making queues.The card is passed when you enter and when you leave the station and discounts the amount of the trip. Válid in the Ampang and Kelana Jaya LRT Lines, as well as Monorail Lins. Can be purchased at LTR stations and Monorail Line Station and card price is MR20.

There are reduced tickets for people over 60 years, but only aplicated for Malasyan citizens. Similarly for other disabilities.


Kuala Lumpur is very well connected to the city center and also with the neighboring towns throught two train services: KLIA Transit Y KLIA Ekspress.

KLIA Transit are commuted trains with three quick stops in intermediate stations that run with a frequency of 30 minutes and take 35 minutes to make the transfer KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) -KL Sentral.

First service to the airport from KL Sentral starts at 04.33a.m and the last is at 00.03 a.m, and in the inverse direction KLIA to KL Sentral starts at 05.52 a.m the first service and at 01:03 a.m.the last one.

KLIA Ekspress operate every 15 minutes in the rush hour and every 20 minutes the rest of the time. The first train from the city center (KL Sentral) to the airport (KLIA) starts at 5.00am and the last at 00.30am. In the reverse direction, last train from KLIA is at 01:00a.m.. It circulates at a top speed of 160 kms per hour and the journey takes 28 minutes.No intermediate stops.

The fare for the adult ticket is RM35, and RM15 for children for both the service transit nor ekspress. Tickets are sold in stations.

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