Las Vegas Monorail

Las Vegas monorail is a 2 track system opened in July 2004 to cover Las Vegas Strip. Also known as Robert N. Broadbent Las Vegas Monorail. In addition to a transport system, the monorail is a different way to see the city. The first approach was to build a system that would link all hotels in the area.

Las Vegas Monorail is not an economic transport system. As a tip, it is more profitable to buy an unlimited bonus, if you plan to use it frequently.

It is an eco-friendly system. All trains are electric and its emissions equal to 0. It is also prepared for the disabled people and all stations have elevators to make the system accessible 100%.

  • Known as: Monorail
  • Lines: 1 , 2 tracks
  • Stations: 7 (5 more are planned,2 of them at the airport)
  • Passengers/day: 12,075
  • Length: 6,3 km
  • Average Speed: 80kms/h
  • Owner and operator: Las Vegas Monorail Company
  • Website:
  • Opening: July 15, 2004


Terminal stations are Sahara and MGM Grand. The line has 7 stations:

  • Sahara
  • Las Vegas Hilton
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Harrah’s / Imperial Palace
  • Flamingo / Caesars Palace
  • Bally’s / Paris Las Vegas
  • MGM Grand

Tickets and rates

  • Single Ride: 1 ride: 5$
  • Unlimited Day Pass: 12$ (only for one person)
  • Unlimited 2 Pass: 22$ (only for one person)
  • Unlimited Three-Day Pass: $28.00 (only for one person)
  • Unlimited Four Pass: 36$ (only for one person)
  • Unlimited Five Pass: 43$ (only for one person)
  • Unlimited Seven-Day Pass: $56.00 (only for one person)

Prices at Monorail Stations may differ, though those are offical prices.

Children under 5 years old ride free when accompanied by an adult.


7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Monday
7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Tuesday to Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Friday to Sunday


Monorail trains run every 5 or 6 minutes, but there are times of day when the frequency is 4 minutes and another in which goes up to 9 minutes.

Curious facts

Las Vegas Monorail allocates significant resources to the safety of their passengers. There is security staff at every station, CCTV, all trains are equipped with emergency systems … even there is a canine unit to detect explosives.

TLas Vegas Monorail trains are all electric and train emissions are 0.

The company in charge of the Las Vegas Monorail, Las Vegas Monorail Company, is going through economic difficulties and the future of this transport system is uncertain.

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