Suzhou Subway

The Suzhou Rail Transit (SRT) (in Chinese 苏州轨道交通) has just 1 subway line complete (Line 1).
This line started to run on April 28, 2012. A second line is under construction and planned to open by 2013.
Also, two more lines are planned to be completed on 2020. The entire system will be 140 km long and it will have around 107 stations.

  • Known as: Subway
  • Number of vehicles: 21
  • Speed: average speed of trains is around 35 km/h
  • System length: 25.75 km
  • Number of lines: 1 finished line, 1 in construction and 2 lines in project.
  • Number of stations: 24
  • Website:
  • Operator: SZ-Transit / 苏州轨道交通
  • Air condition: yes
  • Start of operation: recently opened in April 28, 2012.

Lines and stations

  • Line 1: (runs from east to west) It goes from Mudu, in western Suzhou, to Zhongnan Street in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is 25 km long and has 24 stations.
  • Line 2: (in construction) it will start from Beijing-Shanghai Fast Railway Station and it will go southward to South Outer Ring Road in Wuzhong Economic Development Zone. It is 27 km long and has 22 stations.

Suzhou Subway Network Plan for 2020 incl line 3 ext

Schedule and frequency

The subway start running at 5:00 and its last travel is at 23:00. Frecuency of Suzhou Subway is 5 minutes.


The prices of the tickets range from 2 to 6 yuan (95 US cents) depending on the distance of the trip.

  • 2-6 km: 2 yuan
  • 6-16 Km: 1 yuan added for each 5 km.
  • 16-30 Km: 1 yuan for each 7 Km.
  • Above 30 Km: 1 yuan for each 9 Km.

There are beneficial policies on ticket prices in disabled or blind persons, students and passengers over 70.
There is a 5% discount in the price of the ticket to all the passengers who take Suzhou Traffic Cards, Educational E-Cards and Citizen Cards.

Going to the airport

“Sunan Shuofang International Airport” is the nearest airport to Suzhou in southern Jiangsu Province.
It is located at 22 km (14 mi) northwest of Suzhou.

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