Metro Alicante

Alicante’s subway was inaugurated in August 15, 2003 by Alicante Metropolitan TRAM. This system combines different modes of rail services: tram-train, metropolitan tramway, light metro rail and conventional train. In the future is planned to include a rapid transit bus. Alicante was the second city in Spain to reintroduce train-tram in its system. Train-tram can function as a train and as a tram with the advantages of both systems.

  • Known as: TRAM
  • System length: 141,160 km
  • Lines: 5 (L1, L2, L3, L4, 4L, L9) and 4 lines in project (L5, L6, L7, L8)
  • Stations: 59
  • Website:
  • Operator: FGV
  • Average ridership: 6.045.742 per year.

Alicante Metro lines and stations

  • L1 (Train-Tram): It has 42,691 km, 20 stations (8 shared stations) and it goes from Luceros to Benidorm and back.
  • L2 (Tram): It has 12 km, 14 (3 shared stations) and it goes from Luceros to San Vicente del Raspeig and back. (built, not operating yet)
  • L3 (Tram): It has 23,089 km, 17 stations (8 shared stations) and it goes from Luceros to El Campello and back.
  • L4 (Tram): It has 11km, 18 stations (7 shared stations) and it goes from Luceros to Plaza de la Coruña and back.
  • 4L (Tram): It has 1,5 km, 3 stations (1 shared station) and it goes from Puerta del Mar to Sangueta and back.
  • L9 (Diesel Train): It has 50,880 km, 18 stations (1 shared station) and it goes from Benidorm to Denia and back.

Metro of Alicante frequency:

  • L1: Vehicles run every 30 min.
  • L2: Vehicles run every 8-12 min
  • L3: Vehicles run every 20-30 min
  • L4: Vehicles run every 30 min
  • 4L: Vehicles run every 20 min
  • L9: Vehicles run every 60 min
    • TRAM - Alicante Esquema de Red

      Metro of Alicante: Rates:

      The rate system is based on the distance of the trip.

      Main Tickets:
      Single Ticket: 1,35 € (1 zone), 2,50 € (2 zones), 3,75 € (3 zones), 4,85 € (4 zones), 6,05 € (5
      zones), 7,15 € (6 zones).
      Group Ticket: 40% discount.

      Connection to the AIRPORT:

      The Alicante airport is approximately 12 km to the city, but there is no train station at Alicante airport. If you want to travel to Alicante from the airport you have to take C6 bus from the new terminal at the airport. It goes straight to Alicante city and stops at the train station and the bus terminal. The C6 bus runs every 45 minutes and it takes about 40 minutes to arrive.

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