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Poznań tram and light PST train system

Poznan is the capital of Wielkopolska, a region of Poland that sits between Berlin and Warsaw.
It is one of the country’s oldest cities and the largest metropolitan arean in western Poland
(the 4th largest in the country).

Public transportation in Poznan comprises urban and suburban buses and trams, managed by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo
Komunikacyjne w Krakowie, and the Poznan Fast Tram.

  • Known as: Pestka / PST
  • Lines: 1 PST Line and 20 tram lines (+ a night line and a tourist line)
  • Stations: 6 PST stations / ?? tramway stations
  • Length: 6,1 kms PST line/ 66 kms of tramway lines.
  • Capacity: 5000 person/hour
  • Opening: PST in 1997/ Tramways in 1880

PST and tram lines and stations

Poznański Szybki Tramwaj is the Poznań Fast Tram(PST) also known as Pestka.
It’s a light rail and tram line of about 6 kms length. Every stop in this line has a colour scheme that makes them easily
Poznań Fast Tram started its operation in 1997 and crosses the city from Winogrady and Piątkowo in the north
to the city centre.

Stations: Sobieskiego, Szymanowskiego, Kurpińskiego, Lechicka/Poznań Plaza, Al. Solidarności, Słowiańska, Most Teatralny

The Tram Lines

Twenty two lines of tram converge in the PST Line. The whole network covers a 66 kms area.
The system run during day time, and just one line, N21, during the night.
Poznan’s tramway system opened for business in 1880 and was electrified in 1896.

Bimby lines (trams are called bimby in polish):

  • Line 1: runs from Junikowo to Franowo, thirty stations.
  • Line 2: runs from Dębiec to Ogrody, eighteen stations.
  • Line 3: runs from Zawady to Starołęka, seventeen stations.
  • Line 4: runs from Zawady to Górczyn, eighteen stations.
  • Line 5: runs from Stomil to Gwarna, seventeen stations.
  • Line 6: runs from Miłostowo to Junikowo, thirty three stations.
  • Line 7: runs from Zawady to Ogrody, twenty two stations.
  • Line 8: runs from Miłostowo to Gwarna, sixteen stations.
  • Line 9: runs from Dębiec to Gwarna, fifteen stations.
  • Line 10: runs from Ębiec to Os. Sobieskiego, nineteen stations.
  • Line 12: runs from Os. Sobieskiego to Starołęka, twenty three stations.
  • Line 13: runs from Starołęka to Gwarna and comprises seventeen stations.
  • Line 14: runs from Górczyn to Os. Sobieskiego, fourteen stations.
  • Line 15: runs from Os. Sobieskiego to Junikowo, twenty five stations.
  • Line 16: runs from Gwarna to Franowo, fifteen stations.
  • Line 17: runs from Ogrody to Starołęka, twenty eight stations.
  • Line 18: runs from Górczyn to Franowo, twenty three stations.
  • Line 20: runs from Ogrody to Gajowa, six stations.
  • Line 23: runs from Budziszyńska to Gwarna, twenty stations.
  • Line 28: runs from Rondo Śródka to Święty Marcin, seven stations.
  • Line N21: runs from Os. Lecha to Marcinkowskiego, eighteen stations.

Schedule and frecuency

Lines 1 to 28 operate between 6 am and 10 pm. Line N21 operates from 10 pm to 1 am.
Trams run every 2.5 minutes during busy hours, then every 5 minutes

Fares and Tickets

  • Single ticket: 2.80 zl
  • Single ticket reduced fare: 1.40zl*

Timed tickets

  • 24-hours which costs 13,6 zł
  • 48-hours which costs 21 zł
  • 72-hours which costs 27 zł

* Reduced fare applies to children aged between 5 years old to almost any student under the age of 26.
PST is free for seniors avobe the age of 70 years old. There also exist discounts available for long-term tickets.

Timed ticket’s cheapest option is 3zł for only 10mins (not so cheap). In that amount of time you can reach 3 or 4 stops.
A 40-min ticket for 4.60zł is the best option unless you are going to stay in the city for a few days. Then 24hr or 48hr ticket
would be the right choice. Another option for several days visit is the Poznan City Card
for free unlimited use of the public transport system.

Tickets can be bought at the ZTM Customer Service Points, from ATMs found on most buses and trams and almost everywhere
(more than 1000 sale points: kiosks, shops, supermarkets distribute ZTM time and single-ride tickets),
and in almost every stops. Other thing to remember is that you can pay by card. If you take a big suitcase you have to buy
a ticket for that also.

Our last recommendation is to remember to validate your ticket in the kasowniks
otherwise you’ll be fined 140zł plus the cost of the ticket you didn’t validate (not purchase is not an option, really)

Poznan Public tranportation zones

Poznań is divided into 3 tariff zones:

  • Zone A: area of Poznań,
  • Zone B: Babki, Biedrusko, Bogucin, Borówiec, Bytkowo, Cerekwica, Czapury, Daszewice, Janikowo, Jaryszki, Jelonek, Kamionki, Kicin, Kiekrz, Komorniki, Koninko, Koziegłowy, Krzyszkowo, Luboń, Mrowino, Napachanie, Plewiska, Przybroda, Rokietnica, Rostworowo, Skórzewo, Sobota, Suchy Las, Swarzędz, Szczytniki, Wiórek, Wiry, Zalasewo, Złotkowo, Złotniki, Żerniki, Żydowo
  • Zone C: Chludowo, Chomęcice, Dąbrowa, Dąbrówka, Dopiewiec, Dopiewo, Dymaczewo Nowe, Dymaczewo Stare, Głuchowo, Golęczewo, Gołuski, Konarzewo, Krosinko, Ludwikowo, Łęczyca, Mosina, Palędzie, Przecław, Puszczykowo, Rosnowo, Rosnówko, Szreniawa, Walerianowo, Zakrzewo, Zielątkowo.

Can see the map here.


Poznań-Ławica Airport (EPPO) is 3.1 miles west from Poznań city centre. You can not get a tram to get to Poznan.
Instead there is a Scheduled express bus L every 30 minutes from the center to Poznań–Ławica Airport.
Another line, no. 59 also depart from Bałtyk bus station.

Interesting Facts

Though we love metro, we must admit that one of the best ways to see the city is by bike.
You can hire one and bike around the city visiting all the museums and cathedrals
and enjoy all the gothic architecture.

Poznan Fast Tram Map


Sieć tramwajowa w Poznaniu

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