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The Rotterdam metro was the first rapid transit system operated in the Netherlands. It started operating in 1968. This system serves to Rotterdam nearby cities like The Hague and Zoetermeer. The metropolitan area of Rotterdam has more than 1.1 million inhabitants. Rotterdam is one of the few dutch cities, along with Amsterdam, that have subway. Rotterdam metro is the Rotterdamse metro in dutch.

Originally there were two lines, the Noord – Zuidlijn (north to south line) later renamed to Erasmus Line and Oost – Westlijn (east to west), also renamed to Caland line (Calandlijn in Dutch), both in honor of illustrious Dutch citizens.

After December 2009 the Calandlijn line branched into what is now known as the A, B and C lines. This line went underground and parallel to the Nieuwe Maas river to the city center until Beurs where you could transfer to line E.

The system is operated by RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram) that also manages other transport systems in the south of the Randstad: trams, buses and the Fast Ferry. Altogether 600,000 people travel by this transport network, where nearly half do so on the subway.

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Rotterdam: lines and stations

Rotterdam metro has a total of 5 lines, designated by a letter and a color that really helps you navigate its network.
The A, B and C lines, old Calandlijn line, serve Rotterdam from east to west.

  • Green Line or Line A. It circulate from Schiedam Centrum in the west to Binnenhof in the north, through Beurs. It has an extension of 17.2 kilometers and serves 20 stations.
  • Yellow line or line B. Route Schiedam Centrum – Nesselande, from west to east through Beurs stopping at 23 stations. The length of this line is 20,1kms.
  • Red line or C line. Links Southwest to east from the station De Terp to De Akkers, also through Beurs and stopping at 26 stations in its 30 kms of line.
  • Light blue line or line D. It’s the former Erasmus Line . It ranges from De Akkers to Rotterdam Central Station through Beurs. It’s 21 km long and server 17 stations.
  • Dark Blue line or line E. It runs from the station Central Railway in the Hague to Slinge in Rotterdam. It’s 27 kms long and serve 23 stations.
  • E Line or Blue Line operates between Rotterdam Centraal and Den Haag Centraal. It is an intercity line.

These lines serve the tourist areas of the city, so for sightseeing in Rotterdam is very interesting to use the subway.

Hours and frequency of service

In general we can say that the Rotterdam Metro operates from 05.30 until midnight.

A, B, and C lines trains have a frequency of 10 minutes, so the common trunk section can have a frequency of 3-4 minutes. In line D there is a train every 5 minutes between Centraal Station and Slinge and every 10 minutes to De Akkers. At peak hours the frequency of service is a bit higher.

Fares and tickets

Rotterdam city is part of the all-Netherlands zone system. Typically, all transport can be used using the same card, the OV-Chipkaart.
In line E the old Strippenkaart can be used, but will soon be permanently replaced by the OV-Chipkaart.


Tickets that can be bought on buses and trams, from the driver:

  • RET 1 uur reizen – This ticket allows you to travel one hour by bus, tram and subway for 3 euros.

You can buy the following tickets at vending machines in metro stations and sales and information RET points:

  • 1 Day travel card – for bus, tram and metro for € 7.50. Children (4-11 years) and over 65 pay half price.
  • 2 Day travel card – for bus, tram and metro for € 12.50. Children (4-11 years) and over 65 pay half price.
  • 3 Day travel card – for bus, tram and metro for € 16.50. Children (4-11 years) and over 65 pay half price.
  • RET 2 uur reizen – for 2 hours unlimited travelling by bus, tram or metro
  • RET 2x 1 uur reizen – is the same as buying two RET 1 in a single ticket. You do not save anything as the price is 6 euros.
  • Anonymous e-purse OV-chipcard – You can travel by bus, tram and metro € 7.50 excluding credit e-purse


There are several types of Ov-Chipkaart:

  • Personalized OV-chipcard: It is basically a card with your name and photo. It is not transferable and with it you can get some benefits when refilling and paying (ie, discounts). You can also cancel the card and recover the credit in case of loss or theft. It costs 6.50 euros online and 7.50€ at a point of sale.
  • Anonymous OV-chipcard: It’s not associated to any person so you can share with other passengers. It has none of the above benefits.
  • Disposable OV-chipcard. More suitable for the tourist as passes and tickets RET can be loaded. It’s always more interesting to buy your Rotterdam Welcome Card.

Auto reload. If you live in the Netherlands and use public transportation several days a week you can buy your OV-chipcard with auto recharge.

Rotterdam Welcome Card

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Another Rotterdam Metro Map

U-Bahn Lijnenkaart RET


Rotterdam Metro trains are adapted for wheelchair users.


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