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Tehran (or Teheran), is one of the largest cities in Western Asia with more than 14 million people living in its metropolitan area.
To transport that huge amount of people Theran city’s public transportation system has buses, trains and metro.


  • Max speed: 80 km/h (50 mi/h)
  • Average speed: 45 km/h (28 mi/h)
  • Number of lines: 5 built lines
  • Number of stations: 69
  • Passengers/day: 2 millions
  • Annual ridership 459.1 millions (2008)
  • System length: 74.5 km (46.3 mi)
  • Website: http://metro.tehran.ir/


Tehran Metro lines and stations

Thought the idea of a metro system in Tehran started in 1970s, it wasn’t until 2001
that the first two of the eight projected metro lines were operational. Currently, there are 5 operative lines.

  • Line 1: the red line: 26 stations and 17.5 miles (28.1 kms) long. Goes North to South from Tajrish to Kahrizak.
    Stations: Tajrish, Gheytariyeh, Shahid Sadr, Gholhak, Dr Ali Shari’ati, Mirdamad, Shahid Haghani, Shahid Hemmat, Mosalla, Shahid Beheshti, Shahid Mofatteh, 7th of Tir, Taleghani, Darvazeh Dowlat, Saadi, Imam Khomeini, 15th of Khordad, Khayam, Molavi, Shush, South Terminal, Khazaneh, Ali Abad, Javanmard-e-Ghassab, Shahr-e-Rey, Bagher Shahr, Shahed, Haram-e-Motahar, Kahrizak
  • Line 2: the blue line: 19 stations and 12.7 mi (20.4 kms) long. Goes East to West from Sadeghieh to Farhang Sara.
    Stations: Sadeghieh (Tehran), Tarasht, Sharif University, Azadi, Shahid Navvab-e Safavi, Meydan-e Hor, Imam Ali University, Hasan Abad, Imam Khomeini, Mellat, Baharestan, Darvazeh Shemiran, Imam Hossein, Shahid Madani, Sabalan, Fadak, Golbarg, Sarsabz, Elm-o-Sanat University, Shahid Bagheri, Tehran Pars, Farhang Sara
  • Line 3: the light blue line: It will have 22 stations as is currently under construction. When the line is finnished it will be 32.3 kms long .
    It goes Northeast to Southwest from Farhang to Sara.
    Stations: Shahid Beheshti, Mirzay-e Shirazi, Dr Fatemi, Meydan-e Vali Asr, Vali Asr, Imam Ali University, Moniriyeh, Razi, Rah Ahan, Javadiyeh, Qal’eh Morghi, Azadegan
  • Line 4: The yellow line: currently, just 13 stations of the 22 planned are operational. Goes from Shahrak Ekbatan to Shahid Kolahdooz.
    It will be 12mi (20kms) long.
    Stations: Shahrak Ekbatan, Bime, Meydan-e Azadi, Ostad Moein, Doctor Habib-o-llah, Azadi, Tohid, Enghelab, Vali Asr, Ferdowsi, Darvazeh Dowlat, Darvazeh Shemiran, Shohada Square, Sheykh-o-raeis, Nabard, Shahid Kolahdooz
  • Line 5: The green line: it’s 7 stations and 25.8 mi (41,5kms) long. This line connects Golshahr to Sadeghieh.
    Stations: Golshahr, Mahdasht, Karaj, Atomosfer, Garmdare, Vardavard, Iran Khodro, Chitgar, Azadi Stadium, Ekbatan, Sadeghieh
  • Lines 6 and 7: under construction.

Schedule and frecuency

Red Line: Travel Duration: 69 minutes. Distance: 39 Kms. Open from 05:30 to 22:30

Blue Line: Travel Duration: 47 minutes. Distance: 30 Kms. Open from 05:30 to 22:30

Yellow line: Travel Duration: 40 minutes. Distance: 21 Kms. Open from 05:30 to 22:30

Green line. Travel Duration: 52 minutes. Distance: 42 Kms. Open from 05:30 to 23:05

Fares and Tickets

The price of a journey is 4500 Rls., more or less USD 0.20$. Seniors do not have to pay.
They also have Seasonal and Stored value cards. Seasonal expire after an amount of time and Stored values are rechargeable.

Curious facts

Women that dont want to travel with men can choose a reserved car where men are not allowed.

Connection to the Airport

Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport handles all international flights and is located 31 miles south of Theran. The best way to get
to the airport is by bus, by shuttle or by taxi.

Tehran Metro

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