Samara Metro

Samara, formerly known as Kuibyshev, is a city of about 1.2 million people in the east of the european part of Russia.
It is an industrial city. The area where most factories are is located in the Bezymianny suburb away from the central districts where workers live. In order to facilitate access to workers and decongest highways, in 1987 this system was inaugurated.

The Samara Metro, formerly known as Kuybyshev Metro consists of a single line with 10 stations and a route of 12.7 kilometers of bidirectional track. In russian the system is known as Samarskiy metropoliten. It is one of the smallest of Russia.

The system is managed by the municipal company Samarsky Metropoliten privatized by the Russian government in the 90s. The Samara Metro transports 44,000 passengers daily.

Samara metro lines and stations

The first phase of Samara metro stretched along a route of only 4 kms. The phase between Gagarinskaya Street and Pobeda Street was 6 kilometers. The impact of the collapse of the USSR was devastating for the Russian economy, leaving no funds many for projects, including the construction of this system.

Stations: Teatralnaya, Samarskaya, Alabinskaya, Rossiyskaya, Moskovskaya, Gagarinskaya, Sportivnaya, Sovetskaya, Pobeda, Bezymyanka, Kirovskaya, Yungorodok, Krylya Sovetov.

Like many other Russian systems, ie Yekaterinburg metro, it has a triangle design. There is only one line built, but there were 2 others planned:

Samara metro kaart

Komsomolskaya line

It would stretch from Station Square to the Volga district, one of the “sleeping areas” of the city. This line circulates almost parallel to the shore of the Volga River and pass through many of the key areas of the city.

Zasamarskaya line

The line would start at the central bus station, then go to the Samara river and finally reach the district of Samara.

The project after all, had to be modified since the initial approach of building the system through the center of the city, needed the destruction of buildings with great historical value.

Samara metro hours

The Samara Metro operates from 5.30 to 24.00.

Fares and tickets

The cost of a ride is 12 rubles if you have a card transport and 15 if you pay with tokens. If you carry luggage the ticket would cost 23 rubles.

There are monthly cards that cost 100 rubles. Students card is 75 rubles.

There are users who can travel free, ie children under 7 years accompanied by adults, Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, honorary citizens, …

Curious facts

Each of Samara metro stations is designed by the best architects of the city. Samara metro has really beautiful stations as the Moskovskaya station decorated with red and yellow fixtures, or Gagarinskaya station with beautiful columns. Gagarinskaya station is named in honor of the first person who “flew” out in space Yury Gagarin Alekseevich.

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