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Dalian is the second largest city pertaining to the province of Liaoning (after its capital, Shenyang) in the People’s Republic of China. Its port is very advanced, and it’s indispensable for international commerce, at the shore of the Bohai sea. It has a population of 6 million inhabitants, approximately. It is also known as “City of Football” or “Fashion City”. In 2007, it was recognized as one of the three best tourist attractions in China. In fact, it’s a very well-known travel destination for many national tourists and foreign as well, mostly of Japanese, Russian, and South Korean origin, thanks to their spectacular beaches and great climate. Besides, it is the financial center of North East China, with the 5 most important chinese banks.

Before the increase in population, beginning in 1950, they tried to better their traffic situation with metros and buses. The results were nothing but unsatisfactory. They found a solution with the Dalian Metro, which was inaugurated May 1st, 2003. «Dalian Public Transportation Group Co. Ltd.» operates in lines R2 and R3, meanwhile «Dalian Metro Co. Ltd.» operates in lines M1 and M2. These trains can reach a maximum speed capacity of 100kms/h. Each train can carry up to 800 passengers. (176 sitting, the rest, standing up)

Currently, they possess 4 lines (2 urban ones 2 suburban). With a total of 57 stations. (31 urban ones, 26 suburban) The whole metro system extends for an area of 141 kilometers. (88 miles) The metro is used daily for by around 284,000 passengers. Facing the future, they wish to expand to 12 lines.

Lines and stations

M1 Line

Line 1 (M1) is a round 16,5km (10,25miles). It has 14 stations, and its final stops are Yaojia and Huizhanzhongxin.

Leaving Yaojia, this is the order of the stops: Yaojia, Dalianbeizhan, Huananbei, Huananguangchang, Qianshanlu, Songjianglu, Dongweilu, Chunliu, Xianggongjie, Zhongchangjie, Xinggonglu, Xi’anlu, Fuguojie, Huizhanzhongxin

Getting off at Dalianbeizhan, you may connect with a high speed railway. «Dalian North Railway». Connects with line 2 (M2) on the Xi’anlu stop.

M2 Line

Line 2 (M2) is 20,7km long (12,87 miles).
It has 17 stations, and its final stops are Jichang and Huiyizhongxin.

Leaving Jichang, this is the order of the stops: Jichang, Hongganglu, Hongjinlu, Hongqixilu, Wanjia, Malanguangchang, Liaoshi, Jiaotongdaxue, Xi’anlu, Lianhelu, Renminguangchang, Yi’erjiujie, Qingniwaqiao, Youhaoguangchang, Zhongshanguangchang, Gangwanguangchang, Huiyizhongxin

This line starts at the international airport of Dalián.
Connects with line 1 (M1) on the Xi’anlu stop.
On the Zhongshanguangchang stop, we will find the admired plaza of Zhongshan, well known for its classical buildings from the twentieth century made by the Japanese. In the zone of Zhongshan you may also find the« Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park», a park that contains a great representation of typical marine life from the region, an aquarium of coral reefs, a bird exposition, White whale and dolphin attractions, etc.

R2 Line

Line R2, is 40,38 km (25,09 miles).
It has 8 stations, and its final stops are Hekou and Lüshunxingang.

Leaving Hekou, this is the order of the stops: Hekou, Caidaling, Huangnichuan, Longwangtang, Tahewan, Lüshun, Tieshanzhen, Lüshun xingang

R3 Line

Line 3 (R3), also known as Jinzhou, is 63,45 km long (39,43 miles). It starts at the marvelous commercial center of Dalian.
It has 18 stations, and its last stops are Hekou and Lüshunxingang.

Leaving Hekou, this is the order of the stops: Dalian Railway Station, Xianglujiao, Jinjiajie, Quanshui, Houyan, Dalianwan, Jinmalu, Kaifaqu, Baoshuiqu, DD Port, Xiaoyaowan, Jinshitan, Tostem, Phoenix Peak, Dongshanlu, Hepinglu, Shijiuju, Jiuli.

On the Jinshitan stop, you can find the famous «Golden Pebble Beach», a very appreciated national park, that’s around 50 kms long (31 miles) at the center of Dalian.

District of Jinzhou is a very important zone of industrial development, where all the big corporations are, such as Canon, Mitsubishi Electric, Intel, Sanyo Electric, Toshiba, etc.


Metro works from 6am-12pm. Trains pass by every 3-4 minutes.


The minimum you can purchase a ticket for, corresponds to two stops. It costs 1 Chinese Yuan (0,14 € / 0,15 $). The Price increases, the more stops you add. For example, a more than a two stop trip, would be 2 Yuan (0,28 € / 0,30 $) The trajectory between Dalian and the Golden Pebble Beach is 8 Yuan. (1,12 € / 1,20 $). The trajectory between Dalian and Jiuli is 7 Yuan. (0,98 € / 1,05 $).

Besides regular tickets, you may also purchase a monthly card, provided by the Dalian Metro, which gives you a 20% discount in all trips. «The Pearl Card» is the best solution, if you use this transportation frequently.

Park and ride

Parking spaces will be provided for you as well as Newsstands with news in both English and mandarin.


The best time of the year to visit is between May and September. It’s popular to visit, Long Wangtang at the end of April, (a 20 minute drive to Dalian) to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Besides its amazing climate, it’s important to point out their healthy environment, and air quality, given to their numerous parks and Green zones.

Even though crime Rate is very low, like in most of China, you must still be careful because of the high percentage of traffic accidents.

As a cool fact, Dalian is a sister city, amongst other cities, with Zaragoza in Spain and Oakland (California) in the United States of America.

Dalian Metro Map

Dalian Metro Map

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