Toronto Underground

Toronto Metro Map

It was inaugurated on March 30, 1954. First line was Yonge-University-Spadina with a length of 7.5 km,
and traveled between Eglinton and Union stations. Currently there are 4 lines having a total length
of 71.3 km and 80 stations.

It is operated by the Toronto Transit Commission, which is responsible for the service in Toronto city.
The system is composed of 4 metro lines, 11 trams and 140 buses.

Toronto Subway Lines

  • Yonge-University-Spadina Line:
    This line is U-shaped, with a north-south route along Yonge Street, the University Ave and Allen
    Road. It has a length of 31 kms and 32 stations.
  • Bloor-Danforth Line:
    founded in 1966, is a line that runs east-west along the Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue;
    begins at Kipling Station and ends at Kennedy Station. It has 27.5 km length and 31 stations.
  • Sheppard Line:
    east-west line, founded in 2002. It extends along the Sheppard Avenue, from station
    Yonge Sheppard to station Don Mills. Length 6.4 km and 5 stations.
  • Scarborough RT Line:
    founded in 1985, goes Kennedy Station to McCowan Station. It has 6.4 km and 6 stations.

Major stations

  • Union Station
    where Yonge-University-Spadina subway, the commuter rail (GO Transit) and middle and long distance trains pass through.
  • Kennedy
    where Bloor-Danforth lines with Scarborough RT pass though.
  • Sheppard Yonge
    connects Sheppard line to Yonge-University-Spadina line.
  • Through Spadina and Bloor Yonge pass Bloor-Danforth and Yonge-University lines.

Toronto subway schedule and time table

It operates from 6:00 am to 1:30am. Weekends from 9:00 am to 1:30 am.


From Monday to Saturday trains run every 2-3 minutes during rush hour.
Rest of the time trains run every 5 minutes.

Airport: GO Transit

GO Transit are regional trains and buses lines covering an area of ​​100 kms from the city center,
with 7 lines:

  • A. Lakeshore West (Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga,
  • B. Lakeshore East (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa),
  • C.  Milton,
  • D.  Georgetown (Brampton, Bramalea),
  • E.  Bradford, (Maple, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Barrie),
  • F.  Richmond Hill,
  • G. Stouffville.

Go Transit lines provide service to the airport, from York Mills Subway station and Yorkdale
Go Bus Terminal station to Terminal 1 (ground level) from Pearson International Airport.
The service is hourly from 06.00 am to 01.00 am Monday to Saturday and from 09:00 am until 01:00 am
on Sundays. The journey from York Mills is 40-45 minutes from Yorkdale is 30-35 minutes.
In Http:// you can find more options.

You can also get to the airport by 192 Airport Rocket bus and 58A Malton bus:

  • 192 Airport Rocket :
    Departure from Kipling Station: with operational service from 05:30 am to 02:00 am seven days a week,
    and a journey time of 20-25 minutes. It stop at Terminal 1 and 3 of Pearson airport.
  • 58A Malton:
    Departure from Lawrence West Station. Stops at Terminal 1 and 3. Service operating from 05:00 am until 01:00 am seven days a week and a journey time of 60 minutes.

Tickets and fares

  • Single Ticket: Adult $3 – Senior/Student $2 – Child 75¢
  • Tickets and Tokens: Adult 3 tokens for $7.80 – Senior/Student 5 for $ 8.75 – $6.00 Child 10 tokens
  • Tickets and Tokens: Adult 3 tokens for $7.80 – Senior/Student 10 $17.50
  • Monthly Metropass: Adult $126.00 – Senior/Student $104.00
  • Weekly Pass: Adult $37.50 – Senior/Student $29.75
  • Downtown Express: Adult $2.60 in cash, Express Sticker, token – Senior/Student $1.75 cash, Senior/Student ticket or Express Sticker – Child 60¢ cash or child ticket

Other tickets

  • Day pass, $10.50. You can use it at any day of the week, including holidays,
    from the start of service until 05:30 am the next day. Valid for one person.
    For a family or group, the price is the same ($ 10.50), but is only valid on Saturdays, Sundays
    or public holidays, and is valid for two adults, or one adult and no more than 5 children younger
    than 19, or 2 adults and no more than 4 children. You have to pay extra if you use Express Downton
    lines and routes operated by the TTC outside the City of Toronto.
  • GTA Weekly Pass, $54.00. Unlimited travels, valid from Monday to Sunday in a specific week
    for all transport of TT. The TTC Weekly Pass is transferable, ie can be used by different people,
    but never at the same time. This card is not valid for the Downtown Express trains, to do so you need to
    pay a fee. Weekly passes are purchased from last Thursday to Tuesday of the week that will be used.
  • Metropass college students, $104.00
  • PRESTO Fare System, $2.60

All children under 12 years old pay $0.75. Children under two years travel for free.
For Senior or student reduced rates is necessary to prove this condition by documentation.
Students Metropass cards are issued in the Sherbourne station ticket offices, at a cost
of $5.25. Pictures are required.

Token payment is cheaper than using cash.

Where to buy tickets: All TTC stations have at least an ATM, where you can buy
tickets, tokens and vouchers. Of course, you can also use cash as payment. The tickets, tokens
and money are deposited in a kind of box located in front of the cashier.

Toronto Metro Map

TTC subway map 2015

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