Antwerp Premetro

Anvers (Antwerp or Amberes) is the capital of the Antwerp of Flanders, one of the major destinations of Belgium.
Although Antwerp is a small town, it is also one of the most populated of Belgium, which makes public transportation
systems even more relevant.
Anyway you could also visit the main points on foot. Great part of the city historical center is a pedestrian zone.

Public transportation in Antwerp are operated by De Lijn.
In Anvers we have a network of buses, the Tram Network and the Premetro.
The Premetro is just an underground part of the Antwerp Tramway Network.
Exactly 6 of the 12 lines of the entire system run underground.

Premetro lines run underground in the city center along the main street, Diamant under de Central Stations, until they get
Groenplaats. From here the lines continue under the Scheldt River to ground level on Linkeroever.

  • Known as: Premetro
  • Lines: 6 (lines 2,3,5,6,9 and 15 of the tramway network)
  • Stations: 11
  • Length: 7,6kms (4,7 mi)
  • Official Website:
  • Opening: March 1975

Tramway map of Antwerpen

Premetro Lines and Stations

As we wrote before, Antwerp metro aka Premetro, is not a real metro but a part of the Antwerp Tramway Network. Its operating since
March 25, 1975. It’s composed by parts of those 6 lines (lines 2,3,5,6,9 and 15) and it has 11 stations.

Premetro stations:
Astrid, Diamant, Elisabeth, Frederik van Eeden, Groenplaats, Handel, Meir, Opera, Plantin, Schijnpoort, Sport.
There are also 8 more stations not in used at the moment: Carnot, Drink, Zegel, Collegelaan, Morckhoven, Foorplein, Sint-Willibrordus, Stuivenberg

Anvers Tram Network

The whole Anvers Tram Network are 12 lines, 6 of them running underground.

  • Line 2 or green line: goes from Merksem (Keizershoek P&R) to Hoboken (Kioskplaats).
  • Line 3 or yellow: goes from Zwijndrecht (Melsele Krijgsbaan) to Merksem (Keizershoek P&R).
  • Line 4 or light blue: goes from Hoboken (Kioskplaats) to Silsburg.
  • Line 5 or burgundy: goes from Wijnegem to Linkeroever (P&R).
  • Line 6 or pink: goes from Metropolis to Olympiade.
  • Line 7 or blue: goes from Sint Pietersvliet to Mortsel (Gemeenteplein).
  • Line 9 or orange: goes from Linkeroever (P&R) to Deurne (Eksterlaar).
  • Line 10 or light green: goes from Melkmarkt to Wijnegem.
  • Line 11 or white and red: goes from Melkmarkt to Berchem Station.
  • Line 12 or red: goes from Sportpaleis to Zuid or Groenplaats.
  • Line 15 or white and green: goes from Linkeroever (P&R) to Boechout (P+R Capenberg).
  • Line 24 or pastel pink: goes from Hoboken (Schoonselhof) to Deurne (Silsburg).

Schedule and frecuency

Public transport generally runs from about 6am to midnight.
Frecuency about 4-6min at peak hour and 15min rest of the day.
There’s also a night bus (nachtlijn) service on weekends.

Fares and Tickets

The same tickets can be used for buses, trams and premetro.
Individual Ticket

  • 60 minutes costs €1,3/€2
  • 60 minutes SMS ticket costs € 1,55 (sms DL 4884)
  • 120 minutes SMS ticket costs € 2,35 (sms DL120 4884)

Day pass (a dagpas)

  • 1 day costs €5/€7
  • 60 minutes 10-ride pass costs € 10 (lijnkaart)

For a better explanation of tariffs:


Stad buses (city buses) and streek buses (regional buses) depart from Franklin Rooseveltplaats or from Koningin Astridplein.
Make sure wich direction are you going, because normally bus and trams routes start at one side of the city
and finish on the other. So maybe you are going to be on the right bus or tram but going on the opposite direction.

Connection to the Airports

Antwerp International Airport is located in the district of Deurne, 2 km away from the city of Antwerp.

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