Caracas Metro

The Caracas Metro is an underground railway that opened in 1983 with 6.7 km. The Metro is combined with a surface transportation network called Metrobus, a bus that leave from subway stations and complement the service allowing to reach areas of the city where the subway does not reach. This binomial is known by the name of Metro-Metrobus system and in charge of its construction, operation and exploitation is C. A. Metro de Caracas

Currently there are four lines in service, which includes a total of 44 stations and 54.2 kilometers and transport over 2,000,000 passengers per day. Line 3 has two branches and therefore have four terminal stations, although one may think they are two separate lines, Caracas Metro officially see it as only one.

Caracas Metro Lines

There are currently four metro lines lines with a total of forty-four stations and some 55 kilometers of network and one another one under construction for 2015.

  • Line 1- PROPATRIA-PALO VERDE, this line is the oldest in the Caracas Metro System, crosses the city from west to east and has an extension of 20.36 kilometers, with 22 stations. Daily transports 1.200.000 passengers.
  • Line 2- LAS ADJUNTAS / ZOOLÓGICO/ EL SILENCIO, opened in 1987, has 17.8 kilometers of length and 13 stations. Transports approximately 250,000 passengers daily.
    opened in 1994, is 4.38 kilometers long and has 4 stations. Carries approximately 120,000 passengers daily. In addition, in 2006 began the extension of this line 3 with the stretch-La Rinconada Valley, which can integrate the inhabitants of the Valle del Tuy with the Caracas Metro. It has an extension of 5.9 km from the station El Valle to station Simon Bolivar from where the rail to the Valle del Tuy departs.
  • Line 4- CAPUCHINOS-ZONA RENTAL this branch operates as an extension of Line 2 and carries approximately 40,000 passengers daily. It opened in 2006, and covers an area of 5.5 kilometers with four stations.

Future expansions:

The extension of Line 4 to the east is under construction with a distance of 6.3 km comprising the journey from station Zona Rental to station East Park. Are also projected lines 5 and 6. Line 5 (Zona Rental – Waraira Repano) to start operating in 2015, with 14.3 kms and 10 stations.

Major stations:

Because of its location in the center of the city and its confluence with Line 1, and connections to Lines 3 and 4 (this last one through a parallel station: Zona Rental Station) Plaza Venezuela Station has the largest number of passengers.

Metro Opening Hours

It works from 05:30 am to 23.00 p.m

Mapa del Metro de Caracas

Frequency step

Is 1 ½ minutes at peak hours and on Sundays and holidays the frequency is between 4 and 6 minutes.

Fares and Tickets

  • Single: a journey in Metro without limit of stations. The ticket costs 1.5 Bs
  • Integrated: a journey in Metro and a journey in Metrobus without limit of stations. The ticket costs 1.5 Bs.
  • Return Ticket: dos journeys in Metro without limit of stations. The ticket costs 3 Bs..
  • Multipass: ten Metro journeys without limit of stations. The ticket costs 13,5Bs and is orange coloured.
  • Integrated Multipass: ten Metro journeys or ten Metrobus journeys without limit of stations. The ticket costs 13,5Bs.
  • Students Multipass: Exclusively for people between 4 and 35 years old who study in the area of influence of the service of the Caracas Metro.
  • MetroCard: you have to buy the card (card price is 5BS), and can be recharged with 20, 30 and 40 runs. Nothing more can be recharged the same method that was used the first time, that is, if you recharge for the first time with 20 trips should continue recharging with 20 trips. To be able to recharge, you must exhaust all travel there in it.


International Airport Caracas Simon Bolivar or as it is known, Maiquetia is Venezuela’s main airport and is located 26 km north of Caracas.

Every 30 minutes leaves a shuttle bus to downtown Caracas, this Bus service to Caracas-Maiquetia-Caracas goes straight to Central Park (opposite the Tacagua Bldg) and travel time to the center is about 40 minutes.The buses run from 06:00 a.m. to until 21.00horas. The authorized rate is 30.00 Bs.

Bus stops are located in the Public Area, Level 2, center of the hallway, in the domestic terminal of the airport. The public bus makes stops at Black Cat Metro Station, Plaza O ‘Leary, Plaza Miranda, El Silencio, Metro Station Fine Arts and Central Park, final stop.

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