Adana Metro

Adana is one of the largest and most populated cities in Turkey (population about 1,5M).
Adana Metro is a light metro line, known in the local language as Adana Metrosu.
It’s been under construction for about 20 years. Beginning of construction was in 1988. In March 2009 some
services were opened for what we understand it was a test of the system and after a little period Metrosu
was closed to be opened definitely in May 2010 with all metro sections fully operative.

Adana metro is a rapid transist with only one line and 13 stations that crosses Adana from North
to South along 13,9 kms. In some sections of the way, metrosu circulates underground, some others elevated and some others at ground level.

There is planned another line extension in the North East that will add 9,3 more kilometers to the system and 7 new stations.
They are also planning to reuse some old railway to expand the system with connections to a suburban rail.

  • Known as: Metrosu
  • Numbers of lines: 1
  • Number of stations: 13 (20 after the extension)
  • Length: 13,9 kms (23,2 after the extension)
  • Passengers/day: 21600 (per hour/per direction)
  • Operator: Adana Metropolitan Municipality
  • Max Speed: 80kms/hour

Adana Metro Lines and Stations

Journey Time is around 15-21 minutes.
Stations: Hastane, Anadolu Lisesi, Huzurevi, Mavi Bulvar, Yurt, Yeşilyurt, Fatih, Vilayet, İstiklal, Kocavezir, Hürriyet, Cumhuriyet, Akıncılar

Adana Metro: Hours of operation

6:00 to 21:00 from monday to saturday.


10 minutes in peak hours and 15 minutes rest of the time.

Another Adana Metro Map

Adana Metro Map
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Fares and tickets

  • Single ticket: 2TL
  • 2 Single tickets: 3.30TL
  • 4 Single tickets: 6.10TL

The also exists a smart card for 5TL, Kentkart, that reduce the price of the trips.
Children until the age of 6 years can use the system for free.

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