Gelsenkirchen Metro

The metro system of the German city of Gelsenkirchen is not a subway system itself, but part of the country’s rail system. It opened on September 1, 1984. It has a total of 9 stations in a 5.5 kms route length.

Gelsenkirchen Metro Lines

BOGESTRA serves the cities of Bochum, Herne and Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr valley. None of these three cities has its own system. The Rhein-Ruhr Stadtbahn serves this area since 1970.

The Stadtbahn U35 line covers most of the area between the cities of Bochum and Herne area, circulating underground. Only in the south, arriving at the Ruhr University, the line circulates on the surface.

There is a second route arriving to the center of Bochum which serves the lines 308 and 318 with 4 underground stations.

The third route mainly serves the center of Gelsenkirchen city. It is a tram line with 7 underground stations, the line 301 (Gelsenkirchen Hbf, Buer, GE-Horst). In the center of Bochum this route has 4 underground stations: Bochumer Verein / Jahrhunderthalle, Rathaus Süd, Hauptbahnhof and Lohring. This stretch is also used by the tram line 302 (Gelsenkirchen – Bochum-Laer) and 310 (Bochum-Höntrop – Witten).

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