Volgogrado Metrotram

The Metro Volgograd, known as Metrotram or Express Tram (Skorostnoy Tramvay, ST) is a light rail system that serves the Russian city of Volgograd. It has an underground section with 5 stations and just over 6.8kms in length, built following metro systems standards. The Volgograd Metrotram opened on November 5, 1984. Volgograd is the ancient city of Stalingrad, in southern Russia. This city has more than 1 million inhabitants.

It consists of a single line that covers two routes and serves 22 stations that cross the city next to the river Volga from the northern suburbs to the city center. The line has a total length of 17.3 km. It is managed by Metroelektrotrans. Metrotram is used daily by more than 140000 people and annually by more than 50 million.

In addition to Volgograd Metrotram there is a network of trams, buses and trolleybuses to access almost anywhere in the city.

Metrotram routes

Metrotram serves two routes: СТ-1 (Ploschad Chekistov – Traktorny Zavod (VGTZ)) and СТ-2 (Yelshanka – Stadion “Monolit”).

  • ST1: Traktornyj Zavod – Ploshchad Chekistov
  • ST2: Stadion Monolit – Yel’shanka

Stations: Traktornyy Zavod (Tractor Factory), Khlebozavod (Bakery Works), Vodootstoy (Water-sediment), Bol’nitsa Il’icha (Ilich Hospital), Zavod “Barrikady” (Barrikady Factory), Tridtsat’ Pervaya Shkola (31st School), Stadion Monolit (Monolith Stadium), Zavod “Krasnyy Oktyabr’” (Red October Steel Factory), Tridtsat’ Devyataya Gvardeyskaya (39th Guards Rifle Division Street), Ploshchad’ Vozrozhdeniya (Revival Square), Dvorets Sporta (Sports Palace), Mamayev Kurgan (Mamayev Kurgan), Tsentral’nyy Stadion (Central Stadium), Tsentral’nyy Park Kul’tury i Otdykha (Central Rest and Culture Park), Yevropa (Europa City Mall), Ploshchad’ Lenina (Lenin Square), Komsomol’skaya (Komsomol street), Pionerskaya (Pioneers), Ploshchad’ Chekistov (Chekists Square), Profsoyuznaya (Labour Unions), Teatr Yunogo Zritelya (Theatre for Young Spectators), Yel’shanka

Metrotram Hours and frequency

Volgograd metro opens from 6:00 to 0:30. Frequency of service is 3 minutes during the day, reaching 90 seconds at peak hours. From 23:00 the frequency is a tram every 25 minutes.

Metrotram fares

The price of a single journey is 10 rubles. Tickets can be purchased at the box office. There are turnstiles at the entrances and also ticket inspectors in the cars.

Curious facts

Metrotram trams models are KT8D5 and TATRA TATRA T3. These models are very common in Eastern Europe.


Keep in mind that none of the stations in Volgograd Metrotram is equipped with elevators or platforms for wheelchairs. There are escalators in 4 stations: Profsoyuznaya, Pionerskaya, Komsomolskaya Ploschad Lenina.
No Wheelchair accessible routes exist in any underground stations. In surface level stations doesnt occur the same (except in Ploschad Chekistov).

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