Kiev Metro

Known as Киевское метро, is the third metro that was built in the USSR after the Moscow and Leningrad. This metro transports 1400.000 travelers daily (more than 40% of the population) and in 2010 exceeded 500 million passengers a year. It is operated by Kyivskyi Metropoliten and its first line was opened in n 1960.

The city of Kiev, has a large number of public transport among which are: the Kiev Metro, which has three lines, two of which cross the Dnieper River by sky bridge, trolley buses and trams.

Kiev Metro Lines

Currently there are 3 lines, a fourth one under construction, and a fith one in project., making a total of 66.18 km of tracks, (7.9 kms underground) and 51 stations.

  • Línea Roja: Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska , inaugurated in 1960, with 22.8 kms of track and 18 stations. Here we find the deepest station built across Europe, the one of Arsenal’na, 105 meters underground.
  • Linea Azul: Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska  inaugurated in 1976, with 18.48 kms of track and 16 stations.
  • Línea Verde: Syretsko-Pecherska  inaugurated in 1989 with 24 kms of tracks and 16 stations.
  • Línea Amarilla: Podilsko-Vygurivska (under construction).The first section of Line 4 will be operational in 2015, when completed in 2025, will have 20 kilometers of track and 16 stations.
  • Línea Celeste: on project.

The three lines are connected by underground passageways that allow passengers to change lines without leaving the metro, and therefore having to pay again. Transfers can be made at the following stations:

  • Lines Red and Green, have connections in the stations of Teatralna and Zoloti Vorota.
  • Lines Red and Blue, have connections in the stations of Khreshchatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti.
  • Lines Blue and Green have connections in the stations of Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho and Palats Sportu.

Metro Opening Hours:

The metro runs from 06.00 a.m to 24.00 p.m

Frequency Step

Depends on the line, but in general, every two minutes during rush hour, every 5 minutes the rest of the day and every ten minutes at night.

Kiev Metro planned route map zh

Fares and Tickets

The Kiev Metro works very well and is very affordable, a journey between any two stations, including transfers between lines costs 2 hryvna, about 20 cents. Tickets are some plastic chips called "Zheton" which can be purchased over the counter sales in the lobbies of the stations (look out the window with the word Kasy.) Can also be purchased at orange machines located in the stations.

There are monthly passes for unlimited use of the metro and for other transports, but since the cost is 95hryvna (only for use of the metro), we must make great use of the metro for it to be interesting.

Price of some tickets:

Metro Pass (monthly and yearly) — 95 hryvna/month, 910 hryvna/year;
Metro/Bus, Tram or Trolleybus Pass— 150 hryvna/month, 1430 hryvna/year.
Metro/Bus, Tram and Trolleybus Pass— 230 hryvna/month, 1990 hryvna/year.


There are two airports in Kiev, Boryspil (KBP) and Zhulyany (IEV), but the one that receives the most international flights is the Boryspil (KBP). It is situated 40 km southeast of the city center.

For a budget travellers there is also a Shuttle Bus (big one, or a mini van, depends on the time of the day) that you can catch very easily right out the front terminal door off to the right. You can’t miss it. It runs approximately every 15-20 minutes during a day and 50 mins at night. Vehicles will have “Boryspil” , "Polit" or "Atass" written on the side. The bus services operate 24hours a day, 7 days a week. You can take it with your bags for about 20 Hryvnia (approx. $4) to/from the first Metro Station "Kharkivs’ka" or for 25 Hryvnia (approx. $5) to Kiev’s Southern Railway Station Terminal. Road time is approx. 50 mins.

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