Helsinki Metro

The rapid transit of Helsinki is the only one in Finland. It consists of a single line with 17 stations.
The line splits into two branches in the Itäkeskus station.
The first branch continues to the Mellunmäki station in the north and the second reaches Vuosaari in the eastern suburbs.
In total there are 21 kms of tracks of which 4.9kms circulate in tunnels in the city center.
The journey between Mellunmäki or Vuosaari and Ruoholahti last about 20 minutes.
It’s operated by Helsinki City Transport (HKL)

Complementing the metro there area a tram system, a network of suburban trains, buses and two ferry lines.

  • Lines: 1
  • Stations: 17
  • Length: 21kms (13.1 mi)
  • Operated by: Helsinki City Transport (HKL)
  • Passengers/year: 62 millions
  • Opening: 1982

Helsinki metro lines and stations

    Ruoholahti – Itäkeskus:

  • Ruoholahti
  • Kamppi
  • Central Railway Station
  • Kaisaniemi
  • Hakaniemi
  • Sörnäinen
  • Kalasatama
  • Kulosaari
  • Herttoniemi
  • Siilitie
  • Itäkeskus

    Itäkeskus – Mellunmäki: (North Branch)

  • Itäkeskus
  • Myllypuro
  • Kontula
  • Mellunmäki

Itäkeskus – Vuosaari: (East Branch)

  • Itäkeskus
  • Puotila
  • Rastila
  • Vuosaari
  • Schedule and frecuency

    Helsinki Metro timetable is Monday to Saturday: 5:30am to 11:30pm, Sundays: 6:30am to 11:30pm.
    Journey duration is about 23 minutes. Frequency of the trains varies from 5 minutes from Ruoholahti to Itäkeskus in normal hours,
    to 4 minutes during weekday peak times. Frequency from Itäkeskus to Mellunmäki/Vuosaari varies from 10 minutes in normal hours,
    to 8 minutes during weekday peak times.

    Metro working hours will be two more hours on Friday to Saturday nights and from Saturday to Sunday nights.
    There will be a train very 20 minutes on both directions between 11.30pm and 1.30am.

    Helsinki Metro and commuter rail map

    Fares and Tickets

      Single ticket, depending on how you get your ticket the prices is:

    • Ticket machine: 2,20€
    • From a bus, train or tram: 2,80€
    • With mobile phone: 2,20€
    • Night-time single ticket (2.00am to 4.30am): 5,00€
    • Two-hour ticket: 3,80€
    • Suomenlinna ticket 12h: 5,00€

      1 – 7 days ticket from the machine

    • 1 day: 8,00€
    • 2 days: 12,00€
    • 3 days: 16,00€
    • 4 days: 20,00€
    • 5 days: 24,00€
    • 6 days: 28,00€
    • 7 days: 32,00€

      Personal season ticket 14-366 days:

    • 14 days: 24,00€
    • 30 days: 45,90€

      Multi-user season ticket:

    • 14 days: 47,90€
    • 30 days: 91,70€

      Value tickets

    • From vehicle: 1,90€
    • At night: 4,00€

    Helsinki suburban train

    From Helsinki’s Central Railway Station connected to the Rautatientori/Järnvägstorget metro station
    three suburban train lines function every 10-20 minutes. These 3 lines are Tikkurila-Kerava-Riihimäki, Leppävaara-Espoo-Karjaa
    and the line to Vantaankoski.

    Curious facts

    The Helsinki Metro trains are orange color. It is the only one Metro en Finland and is very modern as it was opened in 1982.

    Connection to the Airport

    International Helsinki Airport is 12 miles north of Helsinki’s downtown area. The easiest way to get to Helsinki from the airport
    is to take the HSL bus 615. The bus runs every 10-20 minutes between 06:30 and 00:30 on weekdays (Sat 07:00-1:00, Sun 06:05-00:30).
    The suburban train line to Vantaankoski is also being extended to get to the airport.

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