Izmir Metro

Izmir metro is a light rail system that serves the Izmir metropolitan area and runs northwest to Bornova. The system operates just 1 line with a track length 20.1 km, and serves 17 stations.

Izmir experienced a population boom in the 90’s. By that point the city had to restructure its public transit system. Construction broke ground in 1995 and this led to Izmir Metrosu A.S. system which came in to operation in May of 2000. The project cost a grand total of $600 million, and the contract was awarded to Yapi Merkezi.

The metro currently averages 30 million passengers a year. As of now, the daily ridership is at 173,000, and once planned expansions are undertaken the number of passengers will increase. The LRV light rail trains are custom made for the Izmir metro.

Izmir Metro Lines and Stations

The 17 stations served by the Izmir metro are

  • Evka 3 – This station opened in March, 30 2012 and has a 2 sided platform that’s cover and uncovered.
  • Ege Üniversitesi – The station opened on March, 30 2012 and with a cut cover structure design for the 2 sided platform station.
  • Bornova – Operating since May, 22 2000 the structure, a splitting tunnel design 1 island platform.
  • Bölge – Running since May, 22 2000 the structure is of a grade design and with a 1 island platform station.
  • Sanayi – Operating since May, 22 2000, the graded structure provides a station with a 1 island platform.
  • Stadyum – The structure has viaduct design and the line began running in 2000, the station offers a 2 sided platform.
  • Halkapınar – A grade design stricter with a 2 island platform. The station was part of the original line that began services in May, 22 2000.
  • Hilal – The station began operating on May, 22 2000 and with a viaduct design for a 2 sided platform.
  • Basmane – The station is running since May, 22 2000 and has a cut and cover construction design with a 1 island platform.
  • Çankaya – Cankaya station operating since May, 22 2000 has a cut and cover design and 1 island platform.
  • Konak – The station is in service since May, 22 2000 and has cut cover design structure with 1 island platform.
  • Üçyol – The station operating since May, 22 2000, different than other stations in its deep tunnel design structure with a 2 sided platform.
  • İzmirspor – It’s station that came in to service in December, 29 2012 and has cut and cover design structure with a 2 sided platform.
  • Hatay – Operating since December, 29 2012 the design structure is cut and cover with a 2 sided platform.
  • Göztepe – It’s a station with a deep tunnel design that came in to operation on March, 25 2014 and has a 2 sided platform.
  • Poligon – The station operating since July 27 2014 has cut and cover tunnel structure with a 2 sided platform.
  • Güzelyalı – This station had a cut and cover structure with a 2 sided platform but was cancelled for reasons unknown.
  • Fahrettin Altay – Running since July, 27 2014 the station has a cut and cover structure with a 2 sided platform.

Metro Izmir map (2000)

Izmir Metro Hours and frequency

The hours of operation are from 6:00am to 12:20am.

In the Weekdays, the frequency of service is from 06:00 to 6:30: 10 min. From 06:30 to 20:30: 4.5 min. From 20:30 to 00:20 10 min.

Saturdays, the frequency of service is from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.: 10 mins.. From 7:00 a.m. to 09:00: 5 mins. From 9:00 to 12:00: 6 mins. From 12:00 to 20:00: 4.5 mins. From 20:00 to 00:20: 10 min.

Sundays, from 06:00 to 12:00: 10 mins. From 12:00 to 20:00: 6 mins. From 20:00 to 00:20: 10 mins.

Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fees vary depending on age and discounted groups. In the city center, no matter if you use bus, subway, ferry or suburban, the fare for an adult is 2,40 TL, for a student is 1,35TL and for a teacher is 1,75TL. If youse use Billet 32 is 1 credit. If you use any transportation within the next 90 minutes the ride is free in the urban centre. Maximum fare you could possibily pay if you ride the subway in other zones is 4,80 for an adult, 2,70 for a student and 3,50 for a teacher. If you use Billet 32, would be 2 credits. Also, there are packs of 3 of 5 tickets that riders can buy. The 3 ride electronic ticket cost 8.5TL, and the 5 pack ticket cost 13TL. Last but not least a 10 ride electronic ticket cost 25TL.

Price of Billet 32 tickets is 2 credits 6,00 TL, 3 credits 8,50TL, 5 credits 13,00 TL and 10 credits 25,00 TL. The ticket is valid for 35 days after it’s first used.

The metro applies a card based system by which the rider uses a disposable RFID Chip card, or a loadable a RFID chip Kent card. The disposable card lasts up to three rides, while the loadable card can be used multiple times depending on the credit balance of the card. The metro system once had a cash and token system. It was used to pass ticket barriers, but eventually was replaced with current card structure.  

One of the most interesting features of the Izmir Metro is card customization. The cards come in different variety from students, teachers, and seniors over 60 years. Also there’s free cards which are available as Police Cards, Postmen Cards, TCI Cards, and cards for seniors 65 and over. All the information about cards can be found here

Student, teacher and seniors card fee is TR 10. TRY 20 fee if you need to have it replaced.

Park’n Ride

The metro offers parking at most stations.

Rules and Tips

Passengers must take note of the following rules set by the metro authority:

  • Begging in station and trains is prohibited
  • The metro doesn’t allow food or drinks but water.
  • Distributing flyers and other propaganda or hanging posters on the wall is not permitted in the stations
  • People under the effect of alcohol can not ride the metro
  • Smaller pets are allowed only if there in cages.
  • Making excessive noise is prohibited while riding the metro.
  • Taking video and photos without permission is also prohibited.
  • Bikes are permitted under certain circumstances

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