Nuremberg Metro

Operated by VAG Nuremberg (Nüremberg Transport Corporation) and as a part of public transport, Nüremberg has a Metro system (rapid transit subway U-Bahn) composed of 3 lines and 46 stations completed by 3 commuter rail lines (S- Bahn) and trams. Just through the U-Bahn travel more than 315000 passengers a day, around 112 million passengers per year. It opened on March 1972, with the section between Langwasser Süd station to Bauernfeindstraße.

Nüremberg Metro Lines

Composed of 3 lines, 46 stations and a network lenght of 36 kilometres.

  • Line U1: going from station Fürth Hardhöhe to station Langwasser Süd (18.5 kms and 27 stations)
  • Line U2:: going from station Flughafen/Airport to station Röthenbach (13.2 kms and 16 stations). In September 2009 became operational automatic driverless trains with the aim that all trains would be automatic in 2010. It is a totally undergrounded line.
  • Line U3: going from station Gustav-Adolf-Straße to station Fiedrich-Ebert-Platz (7kms and 11 stations). It is the newest of the lines and began operating in June 2008. It is a fully automaticaly operated line.
    This line is being expanded to the north and south and it is expected to be operative in 2013.

To increase the pass frequency at peak hours, and only in the Nüremberg city central areas, there are to reinforcement lines: line U11 running between Eberhardshof and Messe,(i.e; Nüremberg main station, main pedestrian shopping street of the city and Plärrer) and line U21 between Röthenback and Ziegelstein.

Hauptbahnhof, is the central staction for long distance trains, U-bahn and S-Bahn. The three lines pass trought this station.
Fruthermore Plarrer station is also important because around here pass the whole three metro lines and transhipments can be easily made.

Metro Opening Hours:

Metro works from 05.00 a.m to 24.00 p.m

Frequency Step

Metro runs every 3-7 minutes during the peak hours and every ten minutes the rest of the time.

Tickets and Fares

Nüremberg U-Bahn is operated by VAG (VerkehrsAG Nüremberg) and is part of the VGN (Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nuremberg) tariff system wich integrates buses, trams, metro, S-Bahn, and regional trains of the Deutsche Bahn.

There are different tickets and passes and the price will depend mainly of the number of zones in wich we want to travel.

For the central Nüremberg and Fürth covered by the U-Bahn folloing prices apply:

Single Ticket

Valid during 90 minutes for a single trip. You may change at stops or interrupt your journey as you please, but return-rides or round-trips are not possible. It is 2.40€ for adults and 1.10€ for children.

5 Tickets for Nüremberg/Fürth/Stein (zone A)

The 5-strips-ticket is a discounted multi-trip-ticket which is offered for the pay scale area Nuremberg/ Fürth/ Stein with the same terms and conditions than Single Tickets.

5 Short Trip Ticket.

There is an special ticket for short trips (2 or 3 stops). It is 7.10€ for adults and 3.60€ for children. It is necessary to always validate ticket. Validating machines are located in the accesses to platforms, elevators and stairs.On buses they are inside.

10 Trip Pass.

It can be used for more than one passenger at the same time and number of tickets to stamp and validate will depend on the zones of the trip. Price is 9.70€ for adults and 4.70€ for children.

1 Day Ticket

For only 4,80 EUR per day individual persons in Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein are mobile all day and unlimited number of rides.
If you buy your ticket on a Saturday, you can travel also the Sunday for free. Meaning you can travel the whole weekend without paying any more.

1 Día Plus ticket

For families, It is valid for two adults and up to four children (under 18 years) for a day or a whole weekend! The DayTicket Plus for Zone A, valid in Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein only costs 8,00 EUR.
The DayTickets are valid only on the day of issue (and the following Sunday, if bought on a Saturday), they are not 24-hour-tickets.

Schnellbahnnetz nürnberg


With the transferrable MobiCard you can ride as often as you like within its fare zone. From 09.00 a.m you may even take one adult and up to four children (under 18 years) with you. The MobiCard is available for all fare zones in three different versions:

  • 31-day-MobiCard 24/7 (around-the-clock)
  • 31-day-MobiCard (valid after 9 am)
  • 7-day MobiCard 24/7 (around-the-clock).

For the Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein ( zone A) 7-day MobiCard 24/7 (around-the-clock) price is 24.70€.
There are many other options, check at :


The Nüremberg Airport is located 8 kms in the north of the city.

From the main station to the airport it takes only 12 minutes without scales with the (U2) metro line. With a 10-15 minutes frequency and a fare of 2.40€.

Also in front of the airport terminal is the bus stop. Line 32 runs every hour to the center of Nüremberg (vía Thon) and Line 33 also circulates hourly to Nüremberg-Buch.

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