Sao Paulo Metro

Sao Paulo’s subway’s lines

Sao Paulo’s subway has 5 lines ( blue, green, red, yellow and purple ). Blue line was the first one that started operating in 1974. It has a total of 58 stacions, 3 transfer stations and
22 have connections with urban buses. Total extension of the network is 65,3 Kms.

Users demand in 2011 was 811657.

Sao Paulo’s metro network has 900 cars. 672 are working in rush hours. Average interval between trains is 141 seconds. Maximum speed is 100 KM/H while the average speed is 37,5 KM/H

Blue Line: Its length is 20,2 km and 23 stations. It was opened in 1974.

Jabaquara, Conceição, São Judas, Saúde, Praça da Árvore, Santa Cruz, Vila Mariana, Ana Rosa,Paraíso,
Vergueiro, São Joaquim, Liberdade, Sé, São Bento, Luz, Tiradentes, Armênia, Portuguesa-Tietê, Carandiru,
Santana, Jardim São Paulo-Ayrton Senna, Parada Inglesa, Tucuruvi

Green Line: Its length is 14,7 km with 14 stations. It was openend in 1991.

Vila Prudente, Tamanduateí, Sacomã, Alto do Ipiranga, Santos-Imigrantes, Chácara Klabin, Ana Rosa,
Paraíso, Brigadeiro, Trianon-Masp, Consolação, Clínicas, S. N. Sra. de Fátima-Sumaré, Vila Madalena

Red Line: Its length is 22 km with 18 stations. Red line was opened in 1979.

Corinthians-Itaquera, Artur Alvim, Patriarca, Guilhermina-Esperança, Vila Matilde,
Penha, Carrão, Tatuapé, Belém, Bresser-Mooca, Brás, Pedro II, Sé, Anhangabaú, República, Santa Cecília, Marechal Deodoro,Palmeiras-Barra Funda

Yellow Line: It’s 6 stations.

Luz, República, Paulista, Faria Lima, Pinheiros, Butantã

Purple Line: Its length is 8,4 kms in 6 stations.

Capão Redondo, Campo Limpo, Vila das Belezas,
Giovanni Gronchi, Santo Amaro, Largo Treze

MetroCPTM futuro

Sao Paulo’s subway schedule:

Almost all the lines start operating at 4.40 a.m to 0.30 from sunday to friday. Saturdays schedule is
from 4.40 a.m. to 1.00.

You can check the exact schedule on itsweb

Tickets, cards and fares

Single ticket: It costs 3$. With it you can make four rides within a period of 3 hours.
Bla Card: Initial cost is 2$. Minimum recharge is 10 rides at 2,5$.


Sao Paulo’s underground has a real time monitoring system where you can check for failures or down times in all the stations.
It is known as “Directo do Metrô” (Direct from the underground). You can download it from
its web site for iPad and for smartphones or you may also use a widget for pc.

Sao Paulo’s metro system also permit the user combine private transport with public transport by providing parking tickets.
It is called E-Fácil.

This metro system also promote the use of ecological transport by intregrating the use of the bicycle almost all along the network.
Though it is not available yet in all the stations. You can find updated information about what lines fully permit the transport of the bicycle and wich ones are conected with bike lanes in this document.

Sao Paulo’s metro system network official site is very complete. You can use a travel simulator
to plan your trip.

Info number: 0800 770 7722

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