Tunnelbanna Stockholm

Stockholm Underground started operating on October 1 1950, with its green line and
a route between Slussen station and Hökarängen station. It is also known as T-Bana or Tunnelbana
and consists of 3 lines: blue, red and green with 7 branches. It has a length of 108 kms and
100 stations, 47 underground and 53 on surface.

Tunnelbanna Lines

Blue Line. This line starts in Kungsträdgården station and it has 2 branches :

  • Branch T10: Terminal station is Hjulsta, length 15.1 km, 14 stations.
  • Branch T11: Terminal station is Akalla, length 15.6 km, 12 stations

This line was openend in 1975 and it crossed the city from the northwest to the city center.
The last modification of this line was in 1994 when the station Skarpnäck opened (T17, green group).

Red Line. It has 2 branches:

  • Branch T13: This branch goes from Norsborg station to Ropsten station. Length: 26.6 km. 25 stations.
  • Branch T14: This branch goes from Fruängen station to Mörby centrum. Length of the line is 19.5 km. Is has 19 stations.

It runs from northeast to southwest through the center. It was opened in 1964.

Green Line. It’s 3 branches:

  • Branch T17: goes from Åkeshov station to Skarpnäck. It’s length is 19.6 km. 24 stations.
  • Branch T18: goes from Alvik station to Farsta strand. It’s length is 18.4 km. 23 stations.
  • Branch T19: goes from Hässelby strand station to Hagsätra. It’s length is 28.6 km. 35 stations.

It opened in 1950, from Slussen (Stockholm center) to Hökarängen (south of Stockholm).
In the following years two lines were added from Slussen.

Major stations:
Östermalmstorg is the central station where red, blue and green lines connect.
The oldest station is Slussen station. Red and green line stop here. It is the terminal station
for a suburban railway line.

T-Centralen station is Stockholm’s Metro system’s main station. It is the only station connected to
the three lines. It is also the busiest in Stockholm. T-Centralen station is connect through underground pedestrian galleries to Stockholm Central Station (train access to interprovincial and interregional trains) and bus terminal Cityterminalen.

Stockholm metrosystem map

Tunnelbanna schedule and timetable

From 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on weekdays and until 03:00 a.m. on weekends.


Every 10 minutes during the day. In some green line stations every 4 minutes.
Every 5 minutes in central stations of lines Red and Blue.
During the night, every 30 minutes. At peak hours trains are added, rising frequency to 5-6
minutes at major stations.

Fares and tickets

Single tickets, valid for all services, cost 30SEK . There are discount coupons (rabbatkupong)
available on newsstands. Prices vary if tickets are purchased in advance. Still cheaper than
buying at the station and remember that you can not buy on board. Reduced price is for children
and youth up to 20 years and over 65. Children under 7 travel free with an adult.


  • Single ticket: 30 SEK (40 at the door)
  • 16 coupons ticket, 160 SEK. According to the areas where you’re traveling you spend coupons,
    for example, two coupons zone 1, to four coupons in some other zones. With this ticket you could
    make 8 trips in zone 1.
  • 24 hours ticket: 100 SEK
  • 72 hours ticket: 200 SEK
  • 1 week ticket: 260 SEK
  • 1 month ticket: 690 SEK

You can also use public transportation buying a Travelcard.
It can last 1,3 or 7 days, and allows unlimited use. You can also use Tickets Zone.
For a stay of several days visiting the city, TravelCard is best choice.

First, you have to buy the card, with an extra charge of 20 SEK.
With Travel Card you can use the metro network and Djurgarden ferry
between Slussen and Djurgården.
The Travelcards can be used by more than one traveler but not at the same time.

Travelcards expire after the period for what you have paid and after their first use.
The 7 days travelcard is valid from 00.00 on the first day of validity until 04:30
hours the day after the card expires.

TravelCard prices:

  • 1 day, 115SEK (standard price), 70SEK (reduced price)
  • 3 days, 230SEK (standard price), 140SEK (reduced price)
  • 7 days, 300SEK (standard price), 180SEK (reduced price)

Stockholm Card: In addition to unlimited travel by metro, bus, ferries,
commuter trains and tours, the card gives you free access to 75 museums and tourist sites.
The card also includes discounts on tours, a guide with city maps and information in several
languages. The Stockholm Card prices for adults are 330/460/580 SEK (about
30 to 60 euros) for 24/48/72 hours respectively. For children aged 7-17 years are 160/190/200SEK
(approximately 16 to 20 euros) for the same period.

Stockholm Card Prices:

  • 1 day, 330SEK (standard price), 160SEK (reduced price)
  • 3 days, 460SEK (standard price), 190SEK (reduced price)
  • 7 days, 580SEK (standard price), 200SEK (reduced price)

You can buy a Stockholm Card at the Tourist Offices in Stockholm.

Stockholm Airport

The Arlanda Express train link to the airport in Stockholm.
Connect the Stockholm Central Station to the Stockholm-Arlanda International airport, a journey that takes twenty minutes. Circulating speed of 200 km/h, with a maximum of
210 km/h. This is the fastest train Sweden.
At the airport, the train stops in South and North stations.
The line consists of two routes, and at rush hours trains have a frequency lower than 10 minutes.

In www.arlandaexpress.com you can view and
purchase the ticket in advance. There are always promotions for online purchase. The price is
240 SEK (about 24 euros) for adults. Children 0-7 years travel free up to a maximum of 4 children
per adult.

Tickets can be bought at the Visitor Center Airport, Terminal 5, ticket machines or at the Central
Station. If we buy the ticket on the train will carry an extra charge of 50 SEK.

Another, somewhat cheaper way to go the the airport is Flygbussarna Airport Coach.
Nevertheless is not as fast as the train. This bus takes about 45 minutes and costs
89 SEK (8’5 euros) and 170 SEK for the return trip (16.50 euros).
Visit their website for more information

Curiosity: Art in the Underground

Stockholm metro is one of the most beautiful in Europe as many of its stations
are beautifully decorated. An open museum with artworks ranging from the 50s to today. In 90
of its 100 stations you can find unique decor and original sculptures, paintings, mosaics and
reliefs. There are even free tours with an expert guide, based on the SL Center at T-Centralen.

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