Turin Metro

The Turin Metro is a public transportation system that connects the city of Turin in Italy, with the neighboring city of Collegno.

The system is operated by the Turinese Transport Group and carries about 22 million passengers per year (2010 figures). The most resaltable is that this metro is operated with a Siemens patented system called VAL 208, which is used in very few cities.The abbreviations mean "light automatic vehicle" a fully automatic subway system on tires. All elements of the VAL system (trains, roads, security systems, platforms) have been designed exclusively for this system, so it does not support other types of metro nor metro with driver.

The only existing line to date, was opened in 2006 in time for the Olympic Games in Turin

Turin Metro Lines

The Turin Metro network consists of a single line, Line 1, which opened in 2006, of 13.2 km length and 21 stations.

This line runs from the Fermi station (Collegno) to Lingotto station, on a route that passes by the center of the city through the stations of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa

The stations are as follows: Fermi, Paradiso, Marche, Massaua, Pozzo Strada, Monte Grappa, Rívoli, Racconigi, Bernini, Principi d´Acaja, XVIII Diciembre, Porta Susa FS, Vinzaglio, Re Umberto, Porta Nuova FS, Marconi, Nizza, Dante, Carducci-Molinette, Spezia, Lingotto, and two more under construction for 2013, stations of Italia 61 and Bengassi.

Future Expansions:

In 2009 it was approved the construction of Line 2, and is scheduled to become operational in 2020-2022.

Major Stations:

Porta Susa, Porta Nuova


Journey time from the start point of the system to the end of it, is only 23 minutes. 60 seconds on average between each station.

Torino mappa metropolitana 2011

Opening Hours

The metro is open Monday through Friday from 05:30 am to 23:50 pm, Saturday from 05:30 am to 01:30 am and on Sunday from 07:00 am to 23: 50 pm.

Frequency Step

Every 2 minutes.

Fares and Tickets

The ticket prices are the same for the entire area of urban network operated by GTT.

  • Single Urban Ticket: 1 €, valid during 70 minutes from its validation in the entire urban network for bus, trams and subway.
  • 15 Urban Tickets Card: 15 single urban tickets for 13,50 €.
  • Suburban Single Ticket: 1.30 € valid for 90 minutes from validation in the entire network of buses, trams of suburban area.
  • Single Ticket Urban + Suburban; 1.70 € valid for 90 minutes from validation in the entire network of buses, trams and metros in urban and suburban area.
  • 5 Single Urban+Suburban Tickets ; 6.50 €
  • 1-Day ticket: ticket valid for day within the urban and suburban transport of GTT. It costs 5 €. Non transferable.
  • 2-Days ticket: ticket valid for 2 days within the urban and suburban transport of GTT. It costs 7.50 €. Non transferable
  • 3-Days ticket: ticket valid for 3 days within the urban and suburban transport of GTT. It costs 10.00 €. Non transferable
  • Ticket Shopping, this is a valid ticket for 4 hours to move within the urban area. Valid from 09:00 to 20:00 horas. It costs 3 €


Sandro Pertini International Airport is located 16 km in north of the city center.

The train station is just a few meters of the terminal and is accessed from Departures via a covered walkway with a length of 150 meters.

Trains run between 05.00 am and 21.45 hours with the station towards Turin GTT Dora. Trains run between the Airport and the station of Turin GTT Dora every 30 minutes between 06:49 and 21:19 hours.The inverse service from the GTT Dora station to the Airport also has a periodicity of 30 minutes and runs between 05:03 am and 19:43 hours.Travel time is 19 minutes and the cost of a single ticket, (ticket "Trenibus") costs 3.70 € and enables to make use of not only the metro to Dora GTT but also the urban public transport of the GTT for 70 minutes.

There is also a shuttle bus service from the SADEM company that runs every 30-45 minutes.The service operates from the airport and the city between 05:00 am and 23:00 hours and from the city to the airport between 06 : 00 am and 24.00 hours. The journey takes about 40 minutes to Turin, with intermediate stops. Costs 6.5 €, 7.00 € if it is bought on board.

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