Amsterdam Metro

Amsterdam has a Metro system (subway metro – Metro Amsterdam) consisting of five lines and 52 stations. At the same time, in addition has a tram system, and urban and suburban trains known with the initial (NS). The whole system transports more than one million passengers per day, even though the population is of 750,000 inhabitants. This indicates to us the importance of public transport in this city. It first opened in 1977 with lines 53 and 54. Although the original 1968 project pretended that metro would go replacing the huge amount of trams on surface that they had at the time, the truth is that due to the difficulty of building for the characteristics of the sub-soil, the metro has not continued being promoted.

GVB (Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf) is the public transport company of the city. Provides the service with buses, trams, subway and ferry boats if we move away from the center point of the city (Amsterdam North).The metro is mainly recommended to move to peripheral areas or quick access to the main terminal stations

Amsterdam Metro Lines

  •  Line 50-Green, it is a circular line, which offers a quick connection between the South and West of the city without the need to pass through the center, a much larger journey. It is the most used subway line, and also the longest metro line in Amsterdam with 20.1 km of tracks and 20 stations. Runs from Isolatorweg to Gein with traffic of 100,000 passengers per day.
  •  Line 51Orange, it was opened in 1991 and connects downtown with the south Amstelveen. This line is a hybrid between subway and light rail and runs from Centraal Station to Westwijk station. It is the line that has the largest number of stations.
  •  Linea 52-Blue, (under construction), in 2002 began the construction of this line that goes from north to south, but due to the difficulties that have arisen in construction, is not expected to be fully built until 2017. Now are the surface trams that are performing the route from Buikslotermeerplein to Zuid with only 8 stations
  • Line 53-Red, in 1970 began construction of this line, which became operational in 1977, these were known as "the east lines", line 53 and 54, and connect the city center with areas east and southeast of Amsterdam. Line 53 is the shortest metro line, with only 11.3 kms and 14 stations. Its route goes from Centraal Station to Gaasperplas.
  • Line 54Yellow, also opened in 1977 has a route from Centraal Station to Gein.

Major stations: Amsterdam Centraal is the central station of Amsterdam metro system. From here start the lines 51, 53 and 54.

Metro Opening Hours

Metros, trams and buses run from 06:00 a.m to 00:30 am. Night buses from 00:30 am until 07:00 am in the morning.

Tram & Metro Amsterdam 2016

Frecuency Step

Every 10 minutes.

Fares and Tickets

Amsterdam’s metro was one of the first transportation systems in the Netherlands who admitted the contactless card OV-chipkaart as payment, since 2009, it is in fact almost the only method of payment. For those not going to make heavy use of public transport, the OV-chipkaart is the best option. This is a card with which you pay according to the distance traveled. For those that will make a great use of public transport is much more interesting one Pass, available for 1, to 7 days. And, if you are going to make use of public transportation and make other touristical tours, the I Amsterdam Card.

  • Tickets valid for days – Day tickets, is most interesting for those who want to visit the capital of the Netherlands for a few days and move freely with the public transport in Amsterdam, because with them you can use all public transport in the city without having to pay any extra fee. Price goes from 7.50€ for 24 hours, 12€ for 48 hours to 31€ for 7 days.They can be purchased at vending stations and VVV offices. The one day can be purchased from the driver.
  • GVB one-hour card is a single ticket for a journey on public transport within the next hour at the time of purchase and within the zone. Price is 2.70 €
  • GVB one-hour card with a bicycle transportation 4.30€
  •  The I amsterdam City Card is very helpful to visit the city. Allows unlimited use for 1 or 3 days in all of the GVB transport, trams, buses day and night, and metro (but not the EBS Arriva, or NS). They will also have free entry to 37 museums and a canal tour. In addition 25% discount on many attractions and restaurants. It costs € 40 for one day, € 50 for two days, and 60 € for three days. More info on the card:

Children under age 4 are free. From 4 to 11 years and over 65 years have a discount, but to benefit from it is necessary to have an OV-chipkaart. More detailed info in:


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is about 20 minutes from downtown by train.

Train service and Netherlands Railways NS (Nederlandse Spoorwagen), provides an excellent connection therewith. Communication between the airport and the city (Centraal Station) by train is, without doubt, the most recommended because just outside the arrivals area to Amsterdam (terminals 1 and 2), you will find many electronic machines to buy ticket train to the center of the city. The departure times of trains (every fifteen minutes during the day and every hour after midnight) are quite extensive, the trip is cheap and takes less than 30 minutes.

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