Ankara Metro

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, has its own underground rapid transist system, the Ankara Metro (Ankara Metrosu in turkish).
The system has two metro lines: the Ankara Metro and Ankaray with a total length of 23,4 kms.
Ankara Metro is the north-south heavy rail while Ankaray is the west east light rail.
Both lines are owned and operated by the Ankara Municipality

This system is also complemented by a suburban rail system called Ankara Banliyö Treni.

  • Known as: Metrosu
  • Lines: 2 constructed, 3 under construction
  • Stations: 23 in service, 32 under construction
  • Passengers/day: 175000(Ankaray) and 135000(Ankara Metro)
  • Opening: 1996
  • Web:

Lines and stations

Ankara Metro and Ankaray are underground lines most parts of the system. They intersect at the Kizilay Station.

The Ankaray line runs between the Intercity Bus Terminal and Dikimevi. It is 8.7 kilometers long and has 11 stations: Dikimevi, Kurtuluş, Kolej, Kızılay, Demirtepe, Maltepe, Tandoğan, Beşevler, Bahçelievler, Emek, AŞTİ

The Ankara Metro line runs between the city center to Batikent which is located in the northwest. It is 14.7 kilometers long and has 12 stations: Kızılay, Sıhhiye, Ulus, Kültür Merkezi, Akköprü, İvedik, Yenimahalle, Demetevler, Hastane, Macunköy, Ostim, Batıkent

Ankara metro

Three more metro lines are currently under construction. This lines are proposed to open in June of 2014.

Ulus-Kecioren line which will be 7.9 kilometers and have six stations

Batikent-Sincan line that is 18 kilometers in length and has 11 stations

Kizilay to Cayyolu line which is 18 kilometers long and consists of 16 new stations.

The TBMM-Dikmen line is also planned to serve south side of the city and will be 4.8 kilometers and consist of 5 stations.

When Ankara Metro is finnished will have a capacity of aprox. 60,000 passengers per hour per direction.

Schedule and frequency

The working hours are from 6am to 12am.
Timetables sometimes have to be updated by the Ankara metro because of delays.
Sometimes trains have to wait at stations to return to schedule.

To the airport

To get to the airport you can use two lines from the city center: Ulus and ASTI.
However due to the subway construction on ASTI the Ulus line is preferable. A taxi costs about 15-20 Liras from there.

Fares and tickets

Electronic bus tickets are valid as well for Ankara Metro. Electronic cards (multi-use magnetic cards) and the route map can be obtained from any underground station.
The price of basic travel ticket is 2 dollars. 50 cents for seniors and people with disabilities.

  • 2-unit cards which cost 3.50 TL
  • 3-unit cards which cost 5.25 TL
  • 5-unit cards which cost 8.75 TL
  • 10-unit cards which cost 17.50TL
  • 20-unit cards which cost 35.00 TL
  • .

You can transfer within 45 minutes between the bus lines and metro paying 0.59 TL.
Ankara Metro has train inspectors so you better buy your ticket before you step in if you dont want to be fined.

Train tickets can be purchased with credit/debit card or currency at any Metro ticket vending machines (TVM).

Curious facts

Kissing is not allowed in Ankara Metro.

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